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The spa-Bogutovačka banja

The spa – Bogutovačka Banja – is located in the central part of Serbia, 200 km south from Belgrade or 23 km of Kraljevo. It is situated at the altitude of 520 m, and it has a continental climate. The mineral water of Bogutovačka spa temperature ( 24 – 27°C ) can help in many […]

The spa-Mataruška banja

The spa – Mataruška Banja is located in the central part of Serbia, 180 km south from Belgrade and it has very well lines of communication with all parts of the country. The spa is situated on the right bank of the river Ibar, at the Ititude of 215 m, in the park areas of […]


When we are searching for the spiritual vertical of Kraljevo, we should look at its ” royal “ origin that came from the spiritual and religious program of the First Serbian Archbishopric. This ” royal “ origin is guaranty for the protection of the tradition in the XXI century. According to its location as a centre, […]

Monastery Studenica – UNESCO World Heritage Site

Monastery Studenica was established between 1183. and 1196 year by Stefan Nemanja shortly after his abdication. Church is the most beautiful building in Serbian medieval architecture.   Studenica was listed in the UNESCO heritage list 1986 year as monument of universal and cultural – historical and artificial value . . .

Maglič – medieval fortress

It is not known who and when was built Maglič.  It was probably built in the XIII century. The town has certain significance in the cinflicts betwen the king Milutin and his brother Dragutin during the Viennese war ( 1683 – 1699) and the Second serbian uprising …

Monastery Žiča

Monastery Žiča was established by King Stefan Prvovenčani at the beginning of the XIII century ( 1206 – 1217).  St. Sava participated in the building of the monastery and he is know as the second founder. When the Serbian church ensured the independence of the 1219 year. Žiča becomes the seat of Serbian arcbishopric. In […]

Monastery of Kumanica

A church dedicated to Saint Archangel Michael, founded most probably in the 16th century. It presents a very honored cult holy site. It is mentioned in the 15th, and several times in the 16th and 17th centuries, when it used to be one of the cult and spiritual centers in the Central Polimlje region. It […]