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Manifestation of Žagubica Municipality

During a visit to Žagubica, you can visit the Society of Visual Artists of Žagubica that is located in the main street, opposite the church. Under this society, the international colony of visual arts, HOMO art, is organized. It was founded in 2006, and more than 50 participants from both country and abroad ( Greece, […]

First Branded Honey in Serbia

First branded honey in Serbia, The Homolje brand – The Homolje honey Municipal society of beekeepers in Žagubica, organized seminars covering the topic technology of producing the Homolje honey, for smaller and bigger interested groups. Seminar is educational and the attendant, who passes the test in the end, obtains the certificate. The seminars are organized […]

The Lost River of Homolje

The Lost river of Homolje is the only interminent source in the Eastern Serbia, with its function preserved still. It is located on the southeastern  slopes of  the   Homolje Mountains, at the foot of the Mala Školja Hill, some 12 km ( 8 miles ) awey from Žagubica. The water pours out of a hole, some […]

The Spring Of Krupaja

The Spring of Krupaja, a magical symphony of water in intact nature, emerges on the west side of the Beljanica Mountain on 220 meters of height above sea level and represents one of the most interesting karst springs in Serbia.   It is settled in the southeast part of the Valley of Krepoljin and Krupaja, […]

The Church Of Trška

The Church of Trška, dating from 12 th centry, is the oldest cultural monument in Homolje. This monastery was built in the Raška style and is a simple building. The church icons are framed in wood, presumably made in the XVII centurty. It’ s stone portal at the entrance, with floral and zoomorphic relief, carved […]

The Source Of The River Mlava

The source of the river Mlava is located in the southeast part of Žagubica, at the foot of the northern slopes of the Beljanica Mountain, 314 meters ( 95o ft ) above sea level. The surface of the source, resembling a lake, covers the area of 25 meters ( 76 ft ) in diameter, its […]

Chapel Blagoveštenje

At the gate of Homolje, on the entrance in gorge going from Petrovac on Mlava, stand ruins of medieval church Mitropolija. Church owned residence and 400 monks who were writing and copying scripts, and they were wing of the Manasija monastery and famous Resava school. Just by the Mitropolija there is a chapel Blagoveštenje. It […]


Through the centuries strange stories laced with mysteries are being told about the Homolje. This is not unusual about the area which was not desecrated by the civilisation, and which in itself holds beauties and wonders that are rarely seen, and because of which the ones who discover it sooner or later call the paradise […]

Monastery of Kumanica

A church dedicated to Saint Archangel Michael, founded most probably in the 16th century. It presents a very honored cult holy site. It is mentioned in the 15th, and several times in the 16th and 17th centuries, when it used to be one of the cult and spiritual centers in the Central Polimlje region. It […]