Restaurant “Bojcinska koleba”

  • District: Belgrade
  • Municipality: Surčin
  • Post code: 11280
  • Area code: ( + 381 ) 11
  • Phone:
  • Web site:
  • Contact / booking:
  • Contact / booking:

Pig struggle once adorned the entrance to the Bojcin forest, and Forestmen Joca decided to offer visitors of this attractive resorts additional content and built in the style of ethno Bojcin hesitant.

It is a catering facility circular, knitted of sticks and covered with straw. In the middle of the struggle is the ancestral home and around him, wooden tables and bench­es.

Around the cuite strug­gle is summer garden and paths. In this beautiful set­ting you can try different srem specialties and all pour domestic cup wine or brandy.

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