The National Theatre Užice

  • District: Zlatibor
  • Municipality: Užice
  • Post code: 31000
  • Area code: ( + 381 ) 31
  • Phone:
  • Web site:
  • Contact / booking:
  • Contact / booking:

The National TheatreUžice has had the Theatre since 1945, and the building where it is situated nowadays was erected in 1968.

The theatre hall is one of the best in Serbia and can host 560 visitors. The Theatre is situated in the town centre, on the large town square.

The contest of the most successful theatre performances from Serbia and Montenegro is held at its stage every year, as a part of the Yugoslav Theatre Festival.

The National Theatre from Užice is the organiser and host of the festival, which takes place every year in the second week of November.

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