Monastery Gornjak

  • District: Branicevo
  • Municipality: Zagubica
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Gornjak monastery is located in Gornjacka gorge, between Žagubica and Petrovac Na Mlavi. Construction of the monastery was finished in 1380, and the founder was king Lazar. Since the monastery was built, the monastic life went on uninterrupted up to this day. The oldest preserved structures are a church dedicated to Ascension and the small cave chapel dedicated to St. Nicholas. Gornjak monastery belongs to the Moravska architectural school. The Vavedenjska Church has a trefoil basis with a dome. The bell tower and the parvis were added later. The most interesting frescoes are the ones in the St. Nicholas chapel.

Gornjak monastery is easily reachable by bus, since it is near the road that connects Petrovac Na Mlavi with Žagubica. Žagubica itself is 27 kilometres away from the monastery, and there are a couple of daily buses connecting Žagubica and Petrovac.Petrovac is best reached using the regular bus line from Požarevac. The bus from Belgrade to Požarevac goes three times a day, leaving Belgrade at 03.10 pm, 04.00pm and 09.00 pm.

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