Bojčin Forest

  • District: Belgrade
  • Municipality: Surčin
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  • Contact / booking:

Bojčin forest covers an area of 672 ha.

The amount predominant oak, ash, cer, lin­den and hornbeam.

During World War II in Bojčin was important foothold for freedom fighters, as attested dug base and a memorial board at the entran­ce to the woods.

And today in the woods can see „ struggle ” of woven sticks and covered with straw, made in the traditional style of this region.

Through the forest passes furnished trim path length 1800 m with 16 obstacles. Bojčin is a very attractive vaca­tion area, the beauty and wilder­ness near Belgrade.

On 27. December 2008 in the Bojčin wood is opened Large Su­mmer scene of the event is held Bojčin summer.
During 2009, was held 40 programs.
The capa­city of this forest scene is 500 seats.

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