Royal Garden – Pioneer’ s park

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Pioneer's parkThe construction of the  Royal Garden or today’ s Pioneer’ s Park began in the late 1830s in the area surrounding today’s old and New Royal Palaces, betwen the streets Kralja Milana, dr Dragoslava Jovanovića , Kralja Aleksandra, Kneza Miloša, Krunska and Andrićev Venac.

The house of the rich trader and president of the State Council, Stojan Simic, had been built far away from the Rampart and the land surrounding the house was cleared and planted. At that time this area was unpopulated, swampy, overgrown with reed and it served as a wild duck hunting ground.

Only a few years later, the situation changed so drastically, that in the period 1842 – 1843, the state authorities decided to buy Simic’ s house for the new Serbian prince Aleksandar Karadjordjevic. In the following period, for more than one century, the land in this area was being cleared and decorated and it started to function as a Royal Garden. After the Second World War it was rearranged into today’ s Pioneers’ Park.

The park occupies 3.01 hectares.

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