The Sultan-Valida Mosque

  • District: Zlatibor
  • Municipality: Sjenica
  • Post code: 36310
  • Area code: ( + 381 ) 20
  • Phone:
  • Web site:
  • Contact / booking:
  • Contact / booking:

The Sultan-Valida Mosque is located in the center of Sjenica. It was built in the mid – 19th century as the endowment of the mother of Abdul Hamid.

Its size and shape make it a significant urban detail of the place.

Regarding its construction, it has all the characteristics of monumental architecture, with a dominant large  dome, around 15 m in diameter. This dome of fascinating size is built of wood, but was originally made from lead sheets.

The people have preserved a legend about how the mosque came to be built. Rebels and outlaws robbed caravans carrying Validáis goods, the legend says. When she recovered her goods and ducats after a longtime, she gave it all for the construction of a mosque in Sjenica, for her soul, where the people could pray to their god.

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