Tičije polje-Milakovići village

  • District: Zlatibor
  • Municipality: Prijepolje
  • Post code:
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  • Contact / booking:

Beneath Mt Ozren, at an altitude of almost 1, 500 m, nests the hamlet of Tičije polje.
This hamlet, located 12 km from Brodarevo, presents a living museum of ethnography. It seems as if someone’ s imagination created a picture at the beginning of the 21st century, of something that used to be reality long ago.

Tradition has been preserved everywhere. Houses covered with shingles, sheds and stables covered with straw, built in the tradition of the national architecture, are a part of the lives of the locals and the cordial hosts.

The medieval monasteries of Davidovica and Kumanica and the breathtaking canyon of the River Dubočica are in proximity.

Who once visits Tičije Polje will always return to these dream – like regions beneath Mt Ozren.

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