Village Katići

  • District: Moravica
  • Municipality: Ivanjica
  • Post code:
  • Area code: ( +381 ) 32
  • Phone:
  • Web site:
  • Contact / booking:
  • Contact / booking:

Boarding house ObradovićThe village Katići is located 22 km away from Ivanjica at the ideal altitude of 1000 m.

The vicinity of Mountain Mučanj ( 1534 m above sea level ) , Church Bela Crkva and springs called Savine Vode ( widely believed to have healing properties ) and other spots make this village very attractive for the growing number of tourists.

Its 30 years long tradition of the tourist resort, know by the slogan ” Breathe in  Mučanj ” is best represented by Obradović family and their boarding house ” Obradović “ , situated in the very heart of the village.

The boarding house offers to their guests 50 beds available in two – bedded and three – bedded rooms and apartments ( suites ) in long cabins built in traditional Serbian style, surrounded by pine and tree woods; excursions and traditional home – made cuisine and is an ideal place to spend your holidays and relax.

A swimming pool and mountain bikes are also at the guest ‘ s disposal.

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