Municipality Surčin

  • District: Beograd
  • Municipality: Surčin
  • Post code: 11271
  • Area code: ( + 381 ) 11
  • Phone:
  • Web site:
  • Contact / booking:
  • Contact / booking:

Lulled into a plain of Srem, bordered by the Sava River about 15 km northwest from the heart of Belgrade, is the youngest Belgrade municipality, Municipality Surčin.
Encompasses an area of 220 km2 and is made up of seven villages: Surčin, Dobanovci, Jakovo, Boljevci, Becmen, Petrovcic and Progar with around 55.000 inhabitants.

The fact that 50 km of the Sava Ri­ver passes through the municipality Surčin we use to connect nau­tical and land tourism and im­plementation of project „ Descent of Belgrade on the river “.

All those from Europe or anywhere in the world come to Belgrade, usu­ally first meet with the municipality Surčin. Many important roads pass through the mu­nicipality Surčin: high­way Belgrade – Zagreb, Belgrade bypass, Bel­grade Airport „ Nikola Tesla ” , and over the river Save a link to the Corridor 7 ( European blue road ).

It thus municipalities Surčin rich and thus be proud of the many places for active recreation in nature, as well as sociable and hospitable people that this municipality of Srem gives special value.

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