City center for sports education – The old DIF

  • District:
  • Municipality: Belgrade
  • Post code: 11000
  • Area code: ( + 381 ) 11
  • Phone:
  • Web site:
  • Contact / booking:
  • Contact / booking:

The old DIFCity center for sports education is a temple of sport, health, recreation, leisure and business.

Halls: basketball, soccer, handball; trim hall – weightlifting, pools, saunas, medical center, sunbathing, massaging: manual and hydro, anticelulite program, sport wounds healing.

Recreative programs: aerobic, aquabic, hydro size, fitness, fit gym, conditioning, yoga, jazz gym, jazz ballet, rhythm gymnastics.

Sport schools: basketball, soccer, volleyball, karate, swimming, water pool, training swimming, swimming school for babies.

Press center and presentation halls.

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