Republic Sport institution Košutnjak

  • District:
  • Municipality: Belgrade
  • Post code: 11000
  • Area code: ( + 381 ) 11
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  • Contact / booking:

Republic sport institution KošutnjakHouse of sports, covering 42 hectares on Košutnjak hill with 3 large gyms, 3 small gyms, indoor pool, weightlifting gym; open air courts: soccer, handball, basketbal, volleyball; 6 tennis courts, bowls court, workout lane.

Swimming pools, covering 7 hectares on Košutnjak Hill: 5 open air swimming pools – Olympic size, for diving, for training, recreational, and for children; swimming lessons for children and adults.

Courses in various sports: basketball, aikido, karate etc; aerobic.

The Serbian Sports Institute comprises: Košutnjak Sports Center, Sports Medicine and the Physical Culture Research Unit.

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